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West Africa concentrates more than 70% of world production and around 20% of the cocoa grinding industry. It is therefore the heart of the cocoa market, where production and marketing dynamics affect everyday the world prices of cocoa bean. Since 2015, our experts regularly monitor this market in Ivory Coast, West Africa and more generally in the world. Combining knowledge and field monitoring of farmers' dynamics at the level of small cocoa producers and macroeconomic analysis of the sector on a global scale, the experts offer unique expertise to understand and anticipate the evolution of this market. This expertise allows us today to advise Producer Organizations, traders, processors (grinders and chocolatiers), investors, input suppliers and international organizations in their sourcing strategies, marketing and support to the industry.

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Our cocoa experiences

  • Technical assistance for cocoa organic certification (Ivory Coast-2010-SCEB)

  • Cocoa agro-ecological practices and fertility study (Côte d'Ivoire-2017-CIRAD)

  • Set-up and follow-up of experimental protocol in family farming (Côte d'Ivoire - 2016- CALLIVOIRE)

  • Realization of reference study (Ivory Coast - 2016 - Project ProPlanteurs, GIZ)

  • Sectorial Analysis (Cameroon-2016- Moringa Partnership)

  • Reference study "cocoa farming and deforestation" (Ivory Coast - 2016 - ONFi / World Bank)

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