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Sesame seed

Sesame is an oilseed produced in dry and arid tropical areas. Consumed widely around the world, over 70% of global demand is concentrated in eastern Asia. Although more than 50% of the world production is still produced in Asia, many African countries have experienced a considerable growth of their production over the last 10 years. Africa is tending to become the main source of sesame exported on the on the international market. Since 2012, we have been continuously monitoring the sesame market in East Africa, West Africa and the international market. Our advanced expertise in this sector allows us to advise Producer Organizations, Exporters, Importers, Processors, International Organizations and States in the construction of their commercial strategies.

Our sesame experiences

  • Market access standards study (Burkina-2017-LWR)

  • Technical assistance COOPAKE on certified production and processing (Burkina-2017-AVSF)

Sesame: review and outlooks

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