The annual subscription is 100 € and allows you to receive up to 150 newsletters per year, on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the sectors covered.


The publications are weekly during the marketing campaigns for Cashew (Feb-Jun + Nov-Dec), Sesame (Nov-Feb), Shea (Sept-Dec) and Gum arabic (January-April). They move at a monthly rate outside the campaign.

For Cocoa and Peanut the publications remain throughout the year at a monthly rate.

All newsletters are available in French and some are translated into English (Cashew, Sesame, Gum arabic, Peanut). More details in the documentation to download on this link


A special offer is available for the Producer Organizations: 15 € per year (or 10,000 FCFA)

The subscriber can choose to receive market report related to the product of his choice and can transmit to N'kalô up to 5 e-mail addresses from the same organization that will receive the newsletters in PDF format.

By joining us, our subscribers can benefit from:

  • advanced technical bulletins

  • personalized business advice

  •  of our network to find reliable business partners

  • historical data on the markets covered.


To subscribe via PayPal, click on the button below, for any other payment method that suits you (bank transfer, western union, mobile payment / mobile money) please contact us by following this LINK.

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