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Our experts

Cédric RABANY: agronomist, senior generaist expert on value chain. CV

Julien GONNET: geographer, senior manager of n'kalo. CV

Pierre RICAU: agronomist, main value chain expert: Cashew / Cocoa / Rubber/ Palm Oil / Coffee. CV

Benjamin GARNIER: agronomist, expert: Cocoa / Rubber / Palm OilCV

François GRIFFON: agronomist, expert: Sesame/ Gum Arabic. CV

Loïc SIMONNOT: agronomist, expert: Shea. CV

Souleymane Jules GAYE : West Africa n'kalo Manager - Community Development Expert. CV

Albéric SOGLAGBE: agronomist, expert: Grains

Sékongo SOUNGARI: agronomist, expert: Fertilizer. CV

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