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Peanut (new !!!)

Groundnuts have long held a prominent place in the cultivation systems and food supply of West African countries. Most local production is for domestic consumption, with significant cross-border trade between some countries. 

Nevertheless, the development of economic exchanges with China in recent years is potentially changing the configuration of this market in West Africa, as we have seen in recent agricultural campaigns and the intensification of Senegalese exports to the Asian continent.

Thus, since 2019, we have begun to monitor this market in the West African countries where N'Kalô is established. This monitoring allows us to develop our expertise in this sector and to deepen our advice to producers in these countries where groundnuts are easily rotated with other cash crops such as sesame, cotton or hibiscus.


Our peanut experiences

  • MOZBIO - Support to the development of communities bordering the Gilé National Reserve (2016-2019)

  • BIOSTAR - Supplying sustainable bioenergy to agro-food SMEs in the Sahel (2020 -2024)

  • NPAGRI - Revitalize production, market access and agricultural advice for food and cash crops in Northern Cote d'Ivoire (2013- 2016)

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