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Shea butter

Shea is an oilseed produced by an endemic tree from Africa. The majority of shea seeds are used locally for human food and cosmetics after extraction of its fat content: shea butter. However, the export demand has significantly increased over the last 30 years, and it now absorbs around 20% of the African production. This export demand is mainly intended for the production of Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBE) used in the production of chocolate. The remaining small share of exports is destined for the cosmetics market, but this use has so far been marginal. Since 2012, we carry out a continuous monitoring of the shea market in the main producing countries of West Africa and on the international market. Our advanced expertise in this sector allows us to advise Producer Organizations, Exporters, Processors, Importers, International Organizations and States in the construction of their commercial strategies and / or their investment choices.

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Our shea experiences

  • Opportunity study implementation of shea butter plant (Ivory Coast-2016-Solivoire)

  • Shea market opportunities study (Côte d'Ivoire-2016-IDC)

  • Installation of a briquetting press (Burkina-2015-Solidarity Projects)

  • Technical assistance for shea butter production (Burkina Faso-2016-L'Occitane en Provence)

  • Investment study on Shea production (Kenya-2015-IPS)

  • Global Market Study and USA Cocoa Regulation (World-2014-GSA)

  • Study of commercial opportunities (Mali-2015-AVSF)

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