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N'kalô is the leading independent commercial advisory service for the agri-food sector in Africa, from agricultural production to end-uses. We provide strategic business intelligence and global market analysis.

This service is developed by the association nitidæ (formerly RONGEAD) which believes that this service should be accessible for every professional in an agricultural sector.

Business intelligence

We produce technical notes on the situation of agricultural commodities markets, to keep professionals informed about price risks

Services on demand

We provide services according to your needs: studies, technical assistance, project management support

SMS for farmers

We send market information and marketing advice by SMS for farmers in 12 countries.

To subscribe via PayPal, click on the button below, for any other payment method  please contact us by following this LINK

Prospective market studies
Sectoral statistical studies
Impact studies

Feasability studies
Yield forecast model

Engineering consulting (process, standards and certification, procurement strategy)

Ivory Coast




& 8 other countries...

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