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Our communities (Contents in French only)

Receive our latest news free of charge via the new n'kalo communities on WhatsApp

N'kalo is pleased to introduce its WhatsApp communities dedicated to agricultural markets. These communities are designed to provide you with essential information and relevant advice on agricultural markets.


Currently available in Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal, and with content in french only, these communities include thematic groups for commodities such as cashew, sesame, shea, rice/corn, gum arabic, peanuts and cocoa. Thanks to these groups, players in the agricultural sector can exchange, share experiences and stay informed.


The communities are free to join and provide synthesized information, while our paid newsletters offer detailed analysis and advanced advice for those wishing to deepen their expertise.

Join N'kalo's WhatsApp communities now and benefit from privileged access to information on agricultural markets. Exchange with other industry players, keep abreast of the latest trends and make informed decisions.


For those seeking in-depth analysis and advanced advice, our paid newsletters offer added value. Be at the heart of agricultural news and maximize your potential in these key sectors. Sign up today and join a dynamic community dedicated to your success.

(Coming soon) Join the n'kalo Benin community

(Coming soon) Join the n'kalo Togo community

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