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Gum arabic

​​Gum Arabic is an exudate of acacia sap with physico-chemical properties that give it many applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. The term gum arabic includes two types of gum: hard gum (hashab in Sudan, kitir in Chad) from acacia senegal and brittle gum (talha) from acacia seyal. These 2 varieties of acacia grow all along the Sudano-Sahelian strip but production and exports are concentrated around a few countries including Sudan (67% of exports from producing countries), Chad (15%), Nigeria (7%) and Mali (5%).

Since 2014, we have been continuously monitoring the market and prices in the main producing countries. Our advanced expertise on this market allows us to advise producer organizations, importers or even States and International Organizations in the design of their sectoral policy.


Our experiences with gum

  • Gum Arabic market studies (Chad/Sudan-2016-IRAM)

  • Technical assistance for market access and standards training (Chad-2015-SosSahel)

  • Impact studies of the Acacia project (Chad-2014-Danone)

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