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Since 2009, we have developed a forward-looking market analysis methodology that allows us to understand the drivers of agricultural markets and provide strategic advice to industry professionals. Our bulletins are written by our 20 analysts who rely on a large and geographically diversified network within the value chain. This service is a truly effective tool for analyzing agricultural markets for all professionals.


This service is developed by the nitidæ association (formely  RONGEAD) which considers that this service should be a minimum for each professional of an agricultural sector.

Our expertise also allows us to offer training for project teams and professional actors in the agricultural sector (producers, producers' organizations, traders, processors, etc.)

Our training modules help build the capacity of stakeholders to optimize their business strategies and incomes, particularly through better management of the risks associated with price variations during agricultural marketing campaigns. 
They provide tools and methods for a good understanding of regional, national and international agricultural markets. Finally, they allow actors to adjust their commercial strategies thanks to real-time information on agricultural markets.

For more information, consult the Our training and services related to market information, or contact us directly.  

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