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The yearly subscription is 200 € and allows you to receive up to 150 newsletters per year, on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the monitored commodity markets. 


UPDATE : Since February 15, 2021, we have changed the price of the annual subscription, now at 200€.

Publications are weekly during the marketing campaigns for Cashew (Feb-June + Nov-Dec), Sesame (Nov-Feb), Shea (Sept-Dec) and Gum Arabic (January-April). They move at a monthly rate outside the campaign.
For Peanut, Rice and Maize, the publications remain monthly throughout the year.
*For Cocoa, we may stop publishing in the near future in order to focus on another commodity, in particular the soybean market.
More details in the downloadable document here.


A special offer is available for Producer Organizations: €15 per year (or 10,000 FCFA).

Subscribers can choose to receive newsletters relating to the commodities of their choice, and can send N'kalô up to 5 e-mail addresses from the same organization, which will receive the market reports in PDF format.

By joining us, our subscribers benefit from :

  • advanced technical market reports

  • personalized sales advices

  • our network to find reliable business partners

  • historical data on the covered markets .


To subscribe, use our secure payment link or click on the button below.

For any other payment method you prefer (bank transfer, western union, mobile payment / mobile money), don't hesitate to contact us by following this link.

Under normal circumstances, an online payment is processed by our teams in less than one working day. If it takes longer, you can forward the payment confirmation e-mail sent to your mailbox to

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